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Beaches of Oahu

Oahu's beaches are a paradise. Waikiki Beach on the North Shore is a well-known surf spot. It also has the North Shore's famous North Shore waves. There are 112 miles on the island's coastline. Explore Oahu's beaches sorted by region.

Beach and ocean conditions in Hawaii are very different. HIOCEANSAFETY.COM monitors surf and wind conditions, as well as other reports from public safety officials that could have an effect on safety at Hawaiian beaches. To quickly assess the conditions, and locate the best beach for you, use the HIOCEANSAFETY.COM hazard sign.

North Shore Beaches

Sunset Beach runs from Ehukai Beach, (Banzai Pipeline), down to Sunset Point. It also includes a dozen reef breaks. This two-mile stretch of sand is considered one of the longest rideable surf spots in the world, and it's also a venue for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November-December).

Waimea Bay Beach Park is notorious for producing monstrous winter waves, so it's one of the first places surfers began to ride big waves in the '50s. It is great for swimming and snorkeling because the summer swells recede. Both locals and tourists love this beach.

Ehukai Beach (Banzai Pipeline), are well-known for their powerful waves. They only break a few feet from the surface. These massive tubes are the site for the Triple Crown of Surfing. Haleiwa Alii Beach State Park has waves of up to 25 feet in winter. Haleiwa Beach Park boasts some of the calmest waters on the North Shore beaches.

Chun's Reef has a beautiful beach that's suitable for all ages and a refreshing pool that's great for kids. Although Ke Waena Beach may not be as well-known as other beaches on the North Shore, it is extremely popular among surfers. The big waves it produces in winter are something that only professionals should attempt. The waters are calmer in summer. It is located near Kahuku, and just past Haleiwa. It is safe from surf and big waves, so you can snorkel there. You might see a honu (Hawaiian Green Turtle) from time to time.

Windward Coast Beaches Eastside

Kualoa Ranch can be found directly across Kualoa Regional Park. The stunning views from this beach park are of Mokolii and Oahu. This beach is very popular with bodyboarders and bodysurfers. You can find the Makapuu Lighthouse just around the corner.

South Shore Beaches

Waikiki Beach attracts more than 4,000,000 people annually. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of Leahi (Diamond Head), and Waikiki Beach. Waikiki is the home of the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. This powerful, yet small wave break is one of Hawaii's most popular spots for learning to surf or to paddle a kayak. Waikiki is actually made up of many beaches.

Fort DeRussy Beach lies to the west. Waikiki Beach, which faces Westin Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, is to the east. Kuhio Beach, along Kalakaua Avenue is home to Queen Surf Beach.

Waikiki Duke's Beach is named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimmer. Because the beach is separated from it by two walls, it is also called "Kuhio Ponds". Although it is smaller than other beaches in Waikiki this beach has a larger beach.

Waikiki Queen's Surf Beach, also known as Queen's Surf Beach, is a popular spot among bodyboarders and surfer. It's also part of the larger Waikiki beach. Waikiki – Sans Souci/Kaimana Beach Park is a shallow, sandy beach that is protected from strong currents. This is a great place for families!

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A thrilling journey of discovery to the Amelia Earhart Lookout Point, on the outside slopes of Diamond Head Crater. Also visit Makapu'u Point (drive by), Valley of the Temples and the colorful Byodoin Temple. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Fumi's Shrimp Stand, North Shore. You can choose from nine sauteed shrimp plates. oahu volcano

You can also choose from Chicken, Cheeseburger or Veggie options. The world-famous Sunset Beach, Waimea Valley, and the Arboretum are next. Next is the Dole Pineapple Gardenation. Your nature guide will be there to provide fascinating information about Hawaii's history, culture, and bird species as you travel around Oahu. The tour includes lunch and admission to all locations. Each party receives a 152-page gift book "Guide to Nature On Oahu", as a souvenir. oahu volcano

Just minutes west of Waikiki is Ala Moana Regional Park. The fringing reef protects this half-mile beach from the elements and provides calm waters. Picnic tables are available. oahu volcano

Leeward Coast Beaches (Westside)

Depot Beach Park is a popular spot for locals with its wide expanse of white sand. Makaha Beach is the place where big wave surfing began. Pay attention to the sloped sand beachhead, which can cause backwash and throw unsuspecting surfers off guard.

Keawaula Beach (Yokohama Beach), is the last stretch of sandy beach on the Leeward Coast. The curvy beach with turquoise waters is a great place to sunbathe or watch dolphins and surfers. A trail that offers great views of the ocean is available at Kaena Point, which is nearby.

You'll find manmade lagoons at the Ko Olina Resort and Marina, which were created to support the J.W. The Marriott Ihilani Resort & spa and the Aulani Resort & Spa are both Disney Resort & Hotels. This beach is perfect for families, as it has parking and restrooms.

Brief History of the Hawaiian Islands

-1778: Captain James Cook arrives at Waimea Bay, Kauai. He is the first European to contact the Hawaiian Islands. Cook named the archipelago "Sandwich Islands" in honor of the Earl of Sandwich. Cook is murdered at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, one year later.

-1790: Forces from Maui and Hawaii fought the Battle of Kepaniwai.


-1795: The Battle of Nuuanu is fought on the southern shores Oahu. It was a crucial battle in Kamehameha’s campaign to unify the islands.

-1795-1874 - Hawaii is ruled by the Kamehameha Dynasty.

-1810 Kamehameha I unites Hawaiian Islands

-1819: Liholiho is the son of Kamehameha and defies tradition that men and women eat separately at a meal. This leads to the abrogation of the kapu system.

-1820: First missionaries arrive in Hawaii.

-1820-1845: Lahaina was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom

-1835: The first sugar plantation is established on Kauai. Kauai is the Hawaiian Islands garner recognition for their best agricultural land. Agriculture is a major economic factor.

-1836 1836: The "King's Band," is developed in 1836 by the King Kamehameha III. It is an essential part of everyday life. The band is now known as"the "Royal Hawaiian Band," continues to entertain fans in Hawaii and all over the world in the present.

-1830-1848: The great Mahele Kamehameha III sought to preserve his land within Hawaiian hands by establishing an allodial system in the western part of the island using a system that divided the land into three parts - one-third of it going to the Hawaiian crown lands, one-third for the chiefs, and one third to the commoners. At the final count, Hawaiian people were not rewarded with more than 1%, as the law stipulated that land claims must be filed within two years.

1845: Honolulu becomes the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom

-1850s: With Hawaii's plantation production on increasing, the demand for more workers is identified. The first workers are hired from China. Workers also travel across the islands via Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Portugal.

-1874: William Charles Lunalilo dies leaving no descendants. The Kamehameha family comes at an end. David Kalakaua is elected as Lunalilo's successor.

-1878: Lydia Kamakaeha (later Queen Liliuokalani) pens "Aloha 'Oe"

-1881: King Kalakaua becomes the first monarch in the history of mankind to traverse the globe.

-1882: Iolani Palace, the official residence of the Hawaiian monarchs, was completed. The Palace was in the forefront of technology, and was equipped with the latest technology and technology, even before having the White House and Buckingham Palace were built, such as the first electricity-powered lights in Hawaii in the year 1882, indoor plumbing, and even the first telephone.

The In 1887, the Constitution for the Kingdom of Hawaii was signed, which stripped King Kalakaua and the Hawaiian monarchy of a lot of its power. It also empowers the cabinet and the legislature and the executive branch of government. The document became known in the Bayonet Constitution due to the power used to get the King's support.

-1889: Joseph Kekuku from Laie, Oahu invents the steel guitar. Then he moves into his home in the US Mainland to share his music with the the world. The steel guitar is a huge hit in country music and is still played to this day.

-1891: 1891: King David Kalakaua dies and Queen Liliuokalani assumes the throne.

-1893: The overthrow the monarchy of Hawaii begins. Queen Liliuokalani is put on house arrest in Iolani Palace in Honolulu.

-1898: Hawaii is annexed by the United States through the Newlands Resolution.

-1900 In 1900, the Organic Act establishes the Territory of Hawaii.

1901: The first Waikiki hotel, The Moana Hotel, will open on the 11th of March. The hotel is affectionately dubbed "The First Lady of Waikiki."

-1917: Queen Liliuokalani the last monarch in the Hawaiian Kingdom dies.

-1941: On 7 December in 1941 the Japanese begin a surprise assault against Pearl Harbor on Oahu during World War II.

-1945 on September 2, 1945 Japan declares its surrender unconditionally to the USS Battleship Missouri. Even though the signing took the place of Pearl Harbor, the ship is now part of a museum and memorial complex in Pearl Harbor, offering activities and tours for tourists from all over the world.

-1959: 21 August 1959 - In an electoral vote, Hawaii becomes the 50th State of the United States of America.

-1966: Don Ho releases his signature track, "Tiny Bubbles." The album is a part of his way into Billboard Top 20 and stays on the charts for almost an entire year. His music and style have become synonymous with Hawaiian relaxation.

-1978: The Hawaii State Constitutional Convention makes Hawaiian the official language of the state (the one state within the U.S. with a non-English official language).

-1980: Hawaii becomes the home of the NFL Pro Bowl when the All-Star game between the AFC and NFC takes place at the Oahu's Aloha Stadium. This Pro Bowl is hosted in Hawaii for 26 years until 2017, when it was moved from Hawaii to Orlando, FL.

-1990: Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on earth, that is located in the islands of Hawaii eruptions, and lava flows through in the village of Kalapana. The town was destroyed but also laid the foundation for a new coastline which is nearly 1,000 feet further to the Pacific Ocean.

-2009 The --2009: Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States. Obama was the very first African American to have served as president was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

-2011: Hawaii hosts the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

-2013: The Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage begins. The four-year journey covered more than 60000 kilometers, 100 ports and 27 nations, which included 12 of the UNESCO's Marine World Heritage sites. The goal was to transport the famous Hawaiian sailing canoe Hokulea across the globe and her sister canoe Hikianalia throughout both the Pacific as well as islands of the Hawaiian Islands, to grow an international movement towards sustainable living. The trip aimed to bring together everyone - learning how to live sustainably and engaging in Polynesian culture, and learning from the past as well as from one another.

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I was very impressed with the information included in the book we were given to keep which was packed with excellent details. We weren't able to get a rental vehicle during our time in Honolulu so this was a great alternative to see further of Hawaii and leaving Honolulu.

 It was a lengthy day however, it was well worth the time and expense. Very knowledgeable guide. We discovered a lot about cultural and historical background of the indigenous people as well as the geography, ecology and much more. iolani palace

We took this tour earlier in our journey towards Oahu and Hawaii and what we learned gave us a great background and understanding for the remainder of our trip. My 15-year old son told me that this was among his most favorite things to do during our trip.

hawaiian language

Our tour leader was knowledgeable, thorough and clear in her speech which allowed us to comprehend what she was saying. We were given plenty of time between every stop, and were not pressured. Our lunch time breaks (food) was extremely tasty and tasty, lots to consume. hawaiian language

Overall, the trip was excellent. It's the most effective method of seeing all the locations on the island you wouldn't otherwise see during a trip. The guide we had, Kainoa has been a pleasure to work with. Being an native of Hawaii Kainoa shared stories and knowledge from a totally different perspective than anyone else could ever have.

 The stops were amazing and the diversity of locations and locations on Hawaii made the journey total worth the money. Lunch was fantastic food and there was a huge quantity. The chance to shop at an excursion was also nice. hawaiian language

The trip was enjoyable and safe. It was a wonderful day. The trip leaves you with stunning images, memories, and exhausted (which for me means that you received more than the price you were charged). I strongly endorse this excursion. If I could recommend anything, it could be a bit more time-consuming in some restroom stops because the women's bathroom may take the entire duration of the line, and you might miss some of the attractions. hawaiian language

Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour

Discover Oahu's most famous spots all in one day with this tour. It includes transport to and from your hotel. You can travel comfortably through the island in an air-conditioned minivan or coach while you travel through Diamond Head and North Shore Surfing Beaches. Stop at The Dole Plantation Kualoa Ranch, Byodo-In Temple and a number of viewpoints. iolani palace

Full-day tour of Oahu's famous attractions Pass by Diamond Head, La`ie Hawaii Mormon Temple, and North Shore Surfing Beaches. Take in the views at the top of Halona Blowhole Lookout and Nu`uanu Pali Lookout Visit Byodo In Temple, which is dedicated to one of the initial Japanese migrants to Hawaii Discover pineapples from across the globe in the Dole Plantation. Hotel pickup and drop-off is provided for certain hotels. iolani palace