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The stunning sandstones at Cape Kiwanda are one of the most stunning Oregon Coast characteristics. Offshore forms the single rock that safeguarded from the soft strata that forms the Cape from being destroyed by the ocean, and also and the "other" Haystack Rock, the classic Basalt Sea Stack. 

To the left of this Cape lies an area known as the Great Dune, a massive mountain of sandstone and mudstone layers, cloaked in sand drifting with the toupee of salal as well as the stunted Sitka spruce. You can find rentals on Cape Kiwanda.cape kiwanda rv park

The views from here stretch northwards to the breathtaking beach that is Cape Lookout. At the beach, you can find plenty of activity in the sun on the main launch point for Oregon's dory. The walk is a great way to combine an Nestucca Spit Loop Hike for a longer day. It is also possible to start your beach hike from the massive and well-known Cape Kiwanda Trailhead, but starting from Pacific Avenue Trailhead. Pacific Avenue Trailhead gives access to a beach stretch that is completely unsuitable for vehicles. You can find the Cape Kiwanda Inn on the left.cape kiwanda rv park

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From the parking lot located at the west-end on Pacific Avenue, walk up the dunes to enjoy breathtaking views, before dropping into the ocean. The mile that runs between this point and the main entrance location to beach further north is car-free. Enjoy stunning views from Haystack Rock to your left. While walking towards the north, the rock's small ponytail that runs along its north face is visible. You can find it on the beach at Cape Kiwanda. cape kiwanda hotel

Seabirds nest and rest here. It makes up part of National Wildlife Refuge of Oregon Islands. Refuge. You may also spot sea kayakers out to explore the rock. Haystack can be seen to rise 90 feet above Haystack Rock located at Cannon Beach, but is further away from the ocean. It was once known as Chief Kiawanda Rock in honor of the chief of the Nestucca tribe when Euro-Americans arrived here. You can find it on the cape Kiwanda surf camera cape kiwanda hotel

When you are near the Cape be on the lookout at Pacific City's dorymen, who launch their boats into the ocean or boarding into after a few hours of fishing. Parking is available at the beach at the launch area for dory boats accessible from at the Cape Kiwanda Trailhead. The Cape's bright yellow and orange Sandstone layers are visible. They've escaped the raging of the sea because of Haystack Rock's "shield" created by Haystack Rock. When the tide is low, you can take a stroll along the rocks near the base of the cliffs and check the soft sandstone for fossils. You can find on Cape kiwanda surfing

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Then walk up the sand up to the top and then walk up to the crest of the Cape. The fenceline protects the sensitive zones from defacement by ugly humans and the scofflaws' insanity (there seven deaths on the Cape between 2009 between 2009 and the year 2016) however, you'll most likely come across numerous tracks that have crossed the fence. A brand new trail that was fenced, which was opened in 2021, lets the hikers in a safe manner on the forested crest comprised of damaged Sitka pine and salal. The market is located on Cape Kiwanda. cape kiwanda cam

From here, you'll enjoy a great view of the south. At the fence, you can see the caves and coves from a vantage point. Oystercatchers could be playing among the rocks while surf scoters are bobbling in the waves. It's not unusual to find a gray whale two to remain here through the summer. Near the end of the fenceline, you'll be looking over a stunningly-hued and elongated sandstone tower which partially hides part of Cape Lookout and the beach at Tierra del Mar. Restaurants are available on Cape Kiwanda. cape kiwanda cam

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A warning sign on the other side of the fence warns that you should be cautious when going further. Cliff edges that are soft can disappear to deep coves any point. There is a route to get to the top of Great Dune up its north side, however to stay sure of safety, stay on the dune's edge and walk along the sandy slopes up to the top (Trying to climb through the thickly cultivated crown of the Dune is likely to cause you a lot of pain). Look for resorts on the Cape Kiwanda peninsula. cape kiwanda weather

A few Sitka spruce snags protrude off the crest of the dune It is a popular family photography location. It is possible to see from the shoreline of Tierra delMar towards Sand Lake and Cape Lookout's stunning cliffs. A sandy saddle provides easy access to beaches to the north and south of the Great Dune as mentioned by the author of the Sand Lake-Cape Kiwanda hike. You can slide, plunge step or slide down its incline before returning back to Kiwanda Beach. Rent a Cape Kiwanda at the end of the trek. cape kiwanda weather

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The surfing in Oregon is about finding locations that offer some shielding from the elements as well as break up the huge NW groundswells in winter as well Cape Kiwanda and Pacific City are two spots that can do exactly what they say. Surfing on huge clear W and W-NW swells in the winter and fall months, the beachbreak to the inside provides some protection from the NW or NW winds that are regularly blowing across this region along Oregon's coast. cape kiwanda surf report

Oregon coast. There's also a exposed reefbreak with potential for a reef break when winds are calm or blowing from the east. Boats can launch from the beach and things can become more chaotic when the conditions are tranquil. The area also has many sharks and sharks, so be sure to keep your eyes on the piv. cape kiwanda surf report

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- Sandlake,

ATV Park, 10 miles north of Three Capes Scenic Loop is one of the most popular destinations in the area for ATV riding. There are more than 1,200 square miles of sand dunes stretching across the beach, and then onto the slopes of Cape Lookout.

- Tillamook,

20 miles north is the location to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, the Air Museum, Pioneer Museum two golf courses, and numerous restaurants.

- Cape Meares Lighthouse,

It is located 25 miles to the north of Three Capes Scenic Drive. It is the lighthouse closest that is located near Pacific City.

- The Octopus Tree,

The largest Sitka Spruce on the planet, is located found on Three Capes Drive near the lighthouse.

- Neskowin,

Seven miles further south has one golf course and there is the Hawk Creek Cafe.

- Lincoln City,

20 miles south is Chinook Winds casino, a tennis and golf course as well as an outlet mall and a variety of restaurants.

Dory Fleet HTML0 Dory Fleet It is where you will find the Cape Kiwanda Dory. Dories have changed from the double-ender powered by Oars and muscle up to the current 22' flat bottomed, high-speed craft. It is believed that the Doryland Pizza Building was also the base for Pacific City Boatworks which designed and built the dories in the 1960's and the 1970's. cottages at cape kiwanda

Dories can be launched directly from the beach, through the surf right across the road from the front of R.V. Resort. Their flat bottoms permit them to return to surf, typically with water-skiing speeds and slide along to the sandy beach. They can be loaded again on an specially designed trailer. cottages at cape kiwanda

The Fleet comprises of more than a hundred vessels. They're out in force throughout the spring and summer. They are the local "pros" go out even in winter, provided that the ocean cooperates. Take a stroll along the beach to watch them in person. Be aware as dories do not have water brakes and can't stop if you're blocking their path. inn at cape kiwanda

As you'll see that there is a trick to launch a dory into the same waves surfers ride on. Dorymen with experience are able to make it look effortless. For the beginner, however, they may have a difficult time! The waves can often throw the boat in a sideways direction or even flip it backwards. He may push and fight to take his boat off the beach but then be tossed back by waves that are rushing in and his boat swollen with seawater. In rare instances, he could decide to give up and end his struggle to end the session. inn at cape kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is said to be the most photographed place in the Oregon Coast. Many telephone book covers and calendars, guides, maps newspaper, magazines and official state publications, T.V. and print commercials have included images of sandy cliffs of sandstone and the thundering waves that crash into them. inn at cape kiwanda

The Cape protects the dory boats from inbound ocean swells as well as the strong summer winds.A climb to the highest point of the sand dunes is a short , but long one that is steep. The view is stunning everywhere. But the sandstone cliffs are always eroding and unstable. The ocean can also be unpredictable , and waves could breach the cape in any point. To protect visitors, there are warning fences and signs indicating the areas that are safe for visitors to the cape for hikers to photograph , and relax. inn at cape kiwanda


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