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Haystack Rock is one of Oregon's most famous landmarks that is it is home to beautiful tide pools and varied birdlife. The rock is featured in a variety of television shows, novels and movies like The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. This sea stack of basalt extends 235 feet above the shoreline's edge. In low tide, it is possible to walk up the hill and see stunning sea stars and amazing tidepool creatures within its intertidal zone. Puffins are visible at Haystack Rock from early spring through mid-summer.

It is the best view of Tufted Puffins in the Northwest. There are many other species of birds that are also visible which makes it an ideal birdwatching place all year long. It's an important part of the Coast's geological past, formed thousands of years ago by lava flows which created numerous of the stunning caps and headlands along this Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and is a state-protected marine ecosystem.

Haystack Rock is one of Oregon's most famous landmarks that is it is home to beautiful tide pools and varied birdlife. The rock is featured in a variety of television shows, novels and movies like The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. This sea stack of basalt extends 235 feet above the shoreline's edge. In low tide, it is possible to walk up the hill and see stunning sea stars and amazing tidepool creatures within its intertidal zone. Puffins are visible at Haystack Rock from early spring through mid-summer. cannon beach oregon

It is the best view of Tufted Puffins in the Northwest. There are many other species of birds that are also visible which makes it an ideal birdwatching place all year long. It's an important part of the Coast's geological past, formed thousands of years ago by lava flows which created numerous of the stunning caps and headlands along this Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and is a state-protected marine ecosystem. cannon beach oregon

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Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is among the most well-known and well-loved places on Cannon Beach, which is one of the most well-known and popular attractions on Oregon coast. Its intertidal region is one of the seven Marine Gardens, a designation that indicates its status as an area of protection. Beyond that high tide mark, Haystack Rock is protected as a part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge which provides habitat and views of a variety of seabirds.

It is also the most easily accessible population of Tufted Puffins in the Northwest. Haystack Rock's tidepools are home to a variety of intertidal species, including marine stars, sea anemones crabs, chitonsand snails, and nudibranchs. cannon beach oregon hotels

The most vivid and obvious species are sea stars which are visible at low tide. Then there are the huge green anemones that are located that are located just below the surface of the water. The status of protection for the rock requires no animal or object be removed the area within 300 feet of Haystack Rock and climbing above the line of barnacles is forbidden to prevent disturbing wildlife in the sea and nesting birds. Visitors are encouraged to cautiously explore this amazing natural area and walk only on bare rocks and sand to avoid damaging the marine life that may take many years to restore and protect this natural treasure for everyone to take pleasure in. It is best to plan your trip up to Haystack Rock an hour or more before the low tide. Be sure to practice beach safety whenever exploring the intertidal zone. keep an eye on tides, and don't turn your back towards the ocean.

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Cannon Beach's beachfront hotels and resorts vary from luxurious accommodations to resorts that offer comfortable, casual amenities for families with panoramic views of the iconic Haystack Rock. Hallmark Resort & Spa Hallmark Resort & Spa is the closest hotel to Haystack Rock located on the cliff just to the north of the famous Cannon Beach landmark. A stairway takes visitors to the beaches, just few steps away from Haystack's tide pools. cannon beach oregon hotels

On the south side at the south end of Cannon Beach, adjacent to the Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site Wayside There is The Tolovana Inn. It has pets-friendly suites that come with complete bathrooms, private balconies, as well as fireplaces. The resort offers an indoor saltwater swimming spa and fitness centre. cannon beach oregon hotels

Nearby to Haystack Rock is The Ocean Lodge, one of Cannon Beach's top hotels with oceanfront views, The Ocean Lodge, provides truly romantic and unique accommodation. If you're looking for the simple things in life go to the delightful Sea Sprite located at Haystack Rock, take the time to go back to the place that has been a popular destination for families for generations. cannon beach oregon hotels

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However, just a short drive north of Portland Cannon Beach, the acclaim for Cannon Beach is due not only to its proximity to major cities, but also to its charming down-town vibe and seemingly endless expanses of sand, stunning seascapes and the most photogenic natural landmarks, Haystack Rock. Unexpectedly, the weather-carved rock appears to resemble the shape of a haystack made of stone, and hence it's spot in the tourist's annals (Pacific City, further south, has a rock that appears like a haystack , but Cannon Beach locals will assure you that the rock they have is the genuine one) The rock is also the spotlight in many postcards. cannon beach oregon restaurants

No matter what your opinion on the subject It's difficult to argue about the beauty of the beauty of an Oregon Coast sunset: illuminating the rocky promontories and haystack-shaped rock formations and catching the jade-foam from waves and throwing an inland rainbow - the spectacle is open for all to enjoy and always breathtaking. cannon beach oregon restaurants

In summer, you may be spending a large portion of your time searching for parking spots, which is a good gauge of the city's popularity and it's not only the beach that attracts the crowds. What is it that makes Cannon Beach so desirable in part is the cultural offerings, which include numerous chic art galleries (which frequently showcase works of local artists) as well as a plethora of boutique stores. cannon beach oregon restaurants

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Take a short trip two miles to the north after having seen the impressive landmarks, and head and head to Ecola State Park for a picnic lunch and panoramas of Pacific Ocean. It is the Oregon Coast Trail meanders north from here through a renowned surfing location, Indian Beach, to Tillamook Head. At 1200 feet , it's difficult to see the waves, but it's not Tillamook Lighthouse. Tillamook Lighthouse built offshore on 100 feet of rock. cannon beach oregon things to do

Cannon Beach is 78 miles northwest of Portland and 27 miles to the south from Astoria along Highway 101. For more information about the area, choose a topic that interests you by using the navigation bar to the left. cannon beach oregon things to do

Relax at Cannon Beach vacation rentals featuring oceanfront, ocean views, and pet-friendly getaways. Find cozy cottages and cabins as well as hot tub-equipped homes and large luxury group houses. Find rentals that have direct access to the beach, and a short walk to town! cannon beach oregon things to do

Find the perfect vacation in our directory of Cannon Beach vacation rentals and get rid of third-party costs! Book direct to contact our local experts to find the best rates and services.

Are you planning a trip with your pet? Take a look at the Cannon Beach pet friendly accommodations with yards fenced with beautiful cottages with lawns and an easy walk towards the ocean.If you're planning to host a huge gathering or family reunion We have homes which can sleep up to 28 people and have stunning view of Haystack Rock.We have Cannon Beach vacation rentals also include oceanfront cabins and homes located between HWY 101 along with the Pacific Ocean in the secluded part that is Arch Cape.

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There is something for everyone in these coastal towns and the gorgeous region in Cannon Beach and the Northern Oregon Coast with plenty of things to do and see within the region. We have compiled a listing of our top 10 outdoor activitiesaround Cannon Beach including Indian Beach located in Ecola State Park and delicious food and drinks to stop at and take in.. Oh there's a fantastic bakery, too! homes for sale cannon beach oregon

Do you want to have easy access to the beach? Tolovana Beach as well as Hug Point State Recreation Sites are open all year long, and there is a trail for the beach and restrooms as well as picnic tables. Explore tide pools at low tide, or fly kites over stunning sandy beaches. homes for sale cannon beach oregon

The famous downtown section in Cannon Beach offers a variety of eateries and shops to discover. Check out these art studios, ranging from glass blowing, to arts and crafts to clothing and gift items. If you're staying at within one or our Cannon Beach dog friendly rentals and you're looking forward to discover shops selling dog toys, supplies and even snacks!

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Take a night out with Coaster Theater Playhouse. Coaster Theatre Playhouse to experience a truly enjoyable evening! The seats are great as are the performers who put on a great performance! There are a range of musicals and plays going throughout the year. hotels near cannon beach oregon

Stay in a holiday rental at Cannon Beach and discover an Oregon Coast getaway that you'll wish to revisit repeatedly! Do not miss these attractions when traveling through this region. North Oregon Coast area. hotels near cannon beach oregon



In the City's rules the definition of occupancy is the number of guests that can be to be on the premises at any time, and not just sleeping in and cannot exceed the permitted amount as per the website. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 could be exempt from the maximum occupancy limit in certain properties, however the latest city occupancy regulations cover all residents no matter their age. The guest is required to provide details of the name and age range of guests, including the ages of three and under, so that the City can review these rules at any time.

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(Gearhart stipulates this) Minimum age is 25 years old and could require an additional deposit to be refunded if the your group is approved. No large gatherings or parties are permitted that violate limitations on occupancy since this excess occupancy could result in the revocation of the license to rent a vacation home. In other words, violating this policy could result in immediate eviction , and an amount of $500 as a minimum penalty. places to stay in cannon beach oregon


As per the city's regulations rules, the number of vehicles permitted cannot exceed the number stated on the website. The vehicles are required to park in the designated parking space on the property. There is no parking on the streets near the premises of the rental, as according to the city holiday rental residence rules. As parking arrangements differ and if you own an excessively large vehicle, carrying a boat or trailer or have questions regarding parking, you should inquire in the advance. places to stay in cannon beach oregon


Please don't smoke in any property. Outside only, but be aware that condos are not permitted to smoke on balconies or common areas. Do not trash and dispose of debris properly, bearing the fire and safety in mind. You will be assessed the total cleanup costs related to smoking cigarettes if it is found that you smoked in the premises. places to stay in cannon beach oregon


Pets are allowed only in pet-friendly locations that charge a fees for pets (generally pet friendly properties allow one pet, but some might allow two less than that). Pet fees are not refundable deposits. Pets should not be left alone in the premises and must be monitored at all at all times. Don't let them furniture or beds. If you have evidence of a dog in an unfriendly home you'll be charged a minimum of $150 pet fee. This will include any additional cleaning fees, which could include carpets and/or damage from pets. People who are allergic may be entering your home after you, so be sure to adhere to the homeowners' policy against pets.


Motor homes are not allowed in vacation homes There are RV parks within Seaside as well as Gearhart. Camping in an RV on a street in the City is strictly forbidden by City ordinance. Tents are not permitted on vacation rental properties , as per City ordinance. City of Seaside. The parking lot of the middle school allows parking for those who travel in RV's in summer. There is no charge to register; all you have to do is go to the Visitors Bureau. places to stay in cannon beach oregon


If you own an RV or boat it is necessary to get permission prior to bringing it as the parking requirements have to be met and could limit your choice of houses according to dimensions of the trailer or boat. Condominiums don't have parking spaces for trailers or boats. places to stay in cannon beach oregon


Taxes on lodging that are applicable are added to rental. Taxes may changes without notice, and the price will be added onto your reservation in the event of any change in the lodging tax rate regardless of the date your booking was booked. (We are not happy to see them change rates in the middle of a game and we are just like you!)



Check-in time is 4:00 pm. Check out times are 11:00 am. The guest agrees to leave at the time specified and accepts that the late check-out charge of $25 will be assessed in the event that you leave earlier than 11:00 am without permission and $25 for each minute after that until you've left. In the off-season, arrangements for late check-outs free of charge should be made prior to the time of departure. We will be happy to accommodate if we can.


Guest accepts:

Make sure that your accommodation is treated with respect and return the property in the like the condition it was when you received it with normal wear and tear excluded. to assume all responsibility for, and indemnify the owner/agent from any damage to property or injury to anyone in or around the premises and for any costs as well as attorney's costs in the defense of due to the reckless or negligent actions or the illegal conduct of Guest or guests. places to stay in cannon beach oregon. stephanie inn cannon beach oregon

 Keep the premises in a tidy and healthy condition throughout their stay. Ensure that the doors secured whenever they are away from the property. and to be accountable for any damage or loss to or theft of equipment or property belonging to the owner and agree that any charges will be incurred at the replacement cost. Damages don't just cost you money, they also can cause inconvenience to the guests who will be coming back. stephanie inn cannon beach oregon

 Recognize you are a beach property, and that the guest is responsible for the risk of harm from the river, surf waves, tides, floating beaches, logs storms wind, weather, and similar, that guests may experience when enjoying the recreational facilities at the North Oregon Coast. Do not violate any city ordinance or State law on or around the property including noise, occupancy and parking regulations. Respect all City rules, including the Seaside holiday rental "Good neighbor rules"

(which are basically that guests should be considerate of the residents within their vicinity and must behave towards your neighbors in the same way you would want to be treated as if you lived next to them) and the noise ordinance that states not to talk loudly or make noise between 8:30 am and 10 midnight. Take beach towels along with blankets to use on the beach. Bath towels and blankets are required to be stored inside the house. stephanie inn cannon beach oregon

Only burn Presto wood in fireplaces when burning is allowed. Make sure to report any issues. All efforts are made to make sure that everything is working in before you arrive. But, like every home, things can fail or stop working with no notice if there are times when they're brand new. airbnb cannon beach oregon

We will make every reasonable attempt to restore/repair/replace the problem during your stay. Be aware that on weekends and nights this might be more difficult because they are privately owned homes (not an establishment with a 24-hour staff on the premises). stephanie inn cannon beach oregon

We ask you to notify the office in the event that anything is not in the order or damaged upon the arrival of your guests, not until departure or later. The hotel will provide you with an initial supply of paper products as well as some hotel amenities (toilet paper soap, shampoo, paper towels, lotion) as an offer of hospitality. Other supplies are not included ,

however we require you to inform us in case you are running over trash cans or require any maintenance, you notice that the light bulb has burned out, or a fire detector is buzzing. The owners typically don't provide Kleenex aluminum foil or plastic wrap, food items and other items. While some homes might have these items on hand but they aren't always offered to. airbnb cannon beach oregon


Payment for down is due using credit card at the time of making the reservation. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior from the date of arrival for reservations that are made in advance. If you make a reservation within 60 days of making your reservation, the balance is due on making the reservation. Checks are not accepted for arrivals made last minute. If you have a deposit that is refundable The refundable portion of the deposits will be returned in the 7-day period following departure if that you leave the property in good condition and observe the procedures for checking out. Cleaning and pet costs are not refundable deposits.


CHECK IN AT OUR OFFICE (Even after Hours)

The office of our company is at 800 North Roosevelt Drive . Our office is located on the West Side of Hwy 101 directly across from the Nike Outlet Store and next to GLASCO between 7th 9th and 7th Avenues . If you are driving to the east on Hwy 101 take a left onto 9th Ave, and then left onto the gravel driveway. If you're driving to the south of Hwy 101 simply take a right onto 9th Ave, then left on the driveway. The code for your lock box will be sent along with your invoice when the last payment has been received. Be sure to bring the form with the lock box's code with you! (Call 503-440-1168 in case you aren't able to get help) airbnb cannon beach oregon


Run the dishwasher and load it up. If furniture has been moved, it should be put back into the correct spot. Begin to wash (sheets and towels, only) and continue the process. (This is to only aid in getting people in/out on time, so don't worry about it.) Don't make any beds. We're expecting to see some of your laundry washed, others in the dryer/washer and we'll continue where you have left off. airbnb cannon beach oregon

(Homes/condo's with no washers or dryers in the units aren't required to begin laundry). The only time you will be charged for extra cleaning time in the event that the housekeepers are occupied with laundry longer than their regular cleaning times so don't leave a pile of laundry or a heap of dishes in the sink. Overflowing dishes or laundry could cause additional charges for housekeeping and cause inconvenience to the next guests. airbnb cannon beach oregon

Return all keys that have been checked out. The responsibility lies with you for the personal belongings you own and we suggest that you take a second look when you check out to ensure that you have taken all of your personal possessions. airbnb cannon beach oregon


There is a minimum of $50 cancellation fee for any cancellation. If cancellations are made in less than sixty days before the date of arrival, all funds prepaid are forfeited. Fees for pets, hot bathing fees, and cleaning costs will be reimbursed. If we can rent out all or a portion of the guests forfeited rent reservation, we'll refund the guest's an amount equivalent to the rent. hallmark cannon beach oregon

The cancellation fee of $50 is waived if the guest is charged with a forfeiture of rent or tax. Also, the $50 cancellation fee is not added to any other cancellation fees, but it is an amount that is a minimum. Beachhouse Vacation Rentals, Inc reserves the right to cancel as is granted to guests. Make sure that the accommodations you're reserving are those you would like. We suggest that any special items required to be brought along or inquire about the specific item, question or issues.

There are various kinds of amenities available in the numerous rentals available. If you decide not to lease the property upon your arrival, for your entire reservation or a portion of it the rental will not be refund, unless as per the cancellation policy mentioned above the rental can be re-rented the entire amount or a portion thereof, in which case the rent in question and any applicable taxes for lodging will be refunded in accordance with the above policy. hallmark cannon beach oregon