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An old Proverb stated that "History can influence the future of our species". We certainly in agreement with the connection between past and future times. The things you see in Jakarta in the past are the main focus of Jakarta in the present. For your convenience, we are able to give you a glimpse of the glory days of Jakarta in the past and in the area known as Jakarta Old Town.

Jakarta Old Town or Kota Tua is a place which is surrounded by buildings which was constructed on Dutch colonial times around the 16 century. century. The old building has beautiful design, structure, and it is evident that they mix with contemporary touches. jakarta old town walking tour

There are a few of these buildings because they function as restaurant or museum like Bank of Indonesia Museum, Indonesia Puppet Museum ( Wayang Museum Jakarta), Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, The Red Store ( Toko Merah Jakarta), Cafe Batavia and many more. There are many other buildings that are privately owned and are now office buildings, which means they're not accessible to the public. jakarta old town walking tour

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This is in which people of the past were known as Batavia in the title of Vanice of the East. There were the old docks and canals fortresses, bridges and plazas. This is that the Dutch create their colonial government and their Governoor General Office at the central point of power during colonial times. In the past, Batavia was one of the most beautiful cities in the East.Now it is an integral part of Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua) it is now a park where people can share their passion for the arts, sports, history as well as photography and skateboarding.batavia old town jakarta

 Many of the old structures have been renovated and become museums. However, some of them remain as a remnant of the disappearing Venice. The most important places in the area include the Kota/Beos Station, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Museum of Indonesian Maritime (old fortress of Batavia), Museum of Jakarta History located just in the front of Fatahilah Square, Museum of Bank Mandiri, Museum of Bank Indonesia, Museum Wayang and Indonesian Art Museum. Be sure to visit the cafe Batavia in Batavia, where you can take a break in an old-fashioned tunnel and enjoy an evening meal in the colonial time.batavia old town jakarta

We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon walking around this region. It's quite rundown and a bit uninviting in certain ways, but extremely interesting. We got a interesting look at Dutch architecture and history within the region. It's sad to see the condition of some buildings, but it's an excellent representation of the present economy across all nations. If you do go to a restaurant, don't be scared of the crowds and try the local cuisine. If these things aren't appealing to you, then stay at there at home. We had a great time.batavia old town jakarta

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If you're looking to dig into the history of Jakarta go to Kota particularly Fatahillah Square. It is located in the heart of the former Dutch colony of Batavia. The square is bordered by the oldest structures in Jakarta and the most striking one being that of the City Hall from 1707. It was the home for the Dutch East India Company. The other areas of the old town are in a state of disrepair and are nothing more than crumbling ruin. batavia jakarta old town harbor

There are beautiful buildings along that Kali Besar canal. The original intention was to create the miniature Amsterdam however, it has turned out to be extremely shabby. Warehouses dating back to in the 1800s are gradually becoming a mess. Take a walk to the swing bridge that was once known by the name of Chicken Bridge. If you're heading to Sunda Kelap harbour it is another kilometre further to the north on the streets that are not welcoming. It is probably best to take taxis at the former square. batavia jakarta old town harbor

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